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Assessments Solutions for Learning and Development

Assessments Solutions

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Assessment TestAssessment solutions for Learning and Development are tools that measure knowledge, skills, attitude and beliefs. Assessment  help you make decisions on recruitment and development, identify and recognise the potential of people, improve productivity and manage performance.

Powerful assessments solutions help organizations to address some of the serious challenges they face – risky recruitment, questionable ROI on development programs, poor staff retention, lack of clear performance monitoring and management. The results are always  excellent, and the assessment solutions have been an integral part of our success.

Often training services providers push generic classroom training as the ultimate solution to your organisation’s development needs. They may assess course participants before the training and call it “training needs analysis”, which is supposed to convince you that your employees need training. Following the training they run another test, offering you some sort of a “performance benchmark”, tailored to demonstrate how great their training was. But when this type of training fails to deliver the results you’ve been looking for, you may realise that something went wrong.

What these training providers fail to do is build a deep understanding of both organisational and individual challenges, evaluate the learning potential of each participant and capitalise on the opportunities that individual development plans create.

By employing a wide range of assessment tools and methods – from industry-standard psychometric tests, to competency-oriented interviews and 360-degree feedback, we can provide a truly balanced picture of your organization’s training needs and goals. Our assessment solutions also identify individual traits and analyse skill gaps, which we map to training opportunities and specific objectives.

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