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Autodesk AutoCAD 2012. 2014 Training Courses - Dubai Training Center


autodesk training courses
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Autodesk, best known for its flagship product AutoCAD, is a leading provider of 3D design software. Engineers, manufacturers, and architects use Autodesk solutions to breathe life into their design ideas, digitally designing and visualizing or simulating everything from electrical wiring diagrams to complete skyscrapers or sports cars. Product development teams seeking to enhance their design and collaboration abilities can greatly benefit from Autodesk training.

 A range of training courses and materials are available from video tutorials to official training guides and certification exam preparation. So what exactly do students learn in AD training? AD training not only teaches students how to use 3D design software, but it helps students learn how to use AD tools and best practices to improve their designs.

Autodesk 2014 Certifications

AutoCAD 2014
3ds Max 2014
Maya 2014
Revit 2014



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